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Jewelry by leading designers Consciously made


About Aulerth

What makes Aulerth’s jewelry different?

Aulerth’s products are couture-inspired and consciously made. We partner with leading designers, and manifest their signature along with meticulous craftsmanship into our products. We focus on material choices that are environmentally more responsible than their counterparts without compromising design integrity, producing environmentally (materially) conscious jewelry with an inimitable finish.

Is Aulerth’s jewelry precious?

Materials may have intrinsic value eg. gold and gemstones, but with our changing values: will the meaning of jewelry always have the same weight? The definition of value needs to expand. This is why we are progressive, we value design, the designer, creation, their ingenuity, and unique creative expression over all else. Ours is a new measure of prestige through exceptional style and distinction. The flourishing of creativity is limited by what we choose to admire, value, and select for ourselves. We’re inviting you to see things the way we do. Raising collective standards that inspire inventiveness. Aulerth’s jewelry is hence what we call, progressively precious.

How is Aulerth’s jewelry more responsible?

Our jewelry is made from recycled base metals, collected from industrial use, and repurposed. We meticulously choose our stones ensuring they carry a minimal to zero mining footprint and ecological damage.

We adhere to the REACH standards for responsible jewelry production, and we only work with ateliers who share our compliance standards (materials, processes, working conditions, compensation, labor rights). And going further, we actively work closely with our ateliers through the materials sourcing process (metals and stones). We’ve integrated our organizations seamlessly to enable us to work with them closely for achieving holistic outcomes: minimal mining footprints & recycled metals.

As far as possible we’ve used recycled paper and board in our packaging, and are exploring options to completely do so. And in the next 2 years, we will offset our carbon footprint entirely.

We are also advocates for the slow fashion movement which is thoughtful, intentional, at its core. As such we do not endorse excessive production or overcomplicated supply chains, opting instead for a transparent and curated inventory.

Our Jewelry

What does sustainability in jewelry mean?

Sustainability can mean different things at different stages in the jewelry supply chain. It means transparent and ethical sourcing practices, the use of sustainable materials, treatments, and working conditions of the laborers for both the mining and jewelry production parts. And finally, it can mean that you as a client making an informed and responsible choice.

What is Aulerth’s approach to sustainability?

While the spectrum of sustainability issues is covered - Aulerth’s approach to sustainability is specifically centered on minimizing the mining footprint of its jewelry. Our jewelry is made from base metals, that are recycled from industrial use and repurposed. We meticulously choose our stones ensuring they carry a minimal to zero mining footprint and ecological damage.

We need to address the role jewelry needs to play to deal with the urgency of climate change. Each year approximately 3,000-4,000 tonnes of gold are mined globally, each ton of gold emitting 38,100 tons of carbon dioxide. Further, a single 9-gram 22 karat plain gold ring would have generated over 20T of toxic waste including cyanide and mercury pollution – that’s nearly 6 bn tons of toxic waste when extrapolated, per year. Besides the emissions and toxic waste generation, mining for gold & gemstones contributes to habitat destruction and ecological damage, socio-cultural upheaval, and overall accounts for 95% carbon footprint of the jewelry industry.

While achieving a net-zero impact can be a collective industry goal, we are all far from it. We only know what we are capable of doing, and hope to lead by example. The more visibility we have on the issues we are conscious of the more solutions we can explore. We will always focus on a net positive change.

How is our jewelry made?

We pursue exceptional artistry by widening the potentialities of design through technology, conscious materials, and forms.

The first step is the seed of a collection – a set of inspirations that would showcase the designer’s signature, in a way that is currently relevant. The journey of translating a designer’s couture signature into artistically engineered jewelry then begins with the designers’ ingenuity and creative expression, which is transformed by our jewelry experts into timeless designs; these, in turn, are rendered as prototypes with the help of 3D modeling tech. We then work closely with our skilled ateliers to source the right stones to bring the designs to life, finally casting the progressively precious jewels you see at Aulerth.

How do I care for my jewelry?

To ensure your Aulerth jewels retain their quality for as long as possible, store them in a cool and dry place, preferrably in its original packaging. Do not bend or fold the jewelry while storing. Keep your jewelry away from perfume, hairspray, soap, water and even lotion, as these can dull the sheen of your metal or cause damage to the stones. Use the microfibre polishing cloth that is given with every box to gently clean the jewelry as and when required. And finally, we recommend, while dressing up, you wear your jewelry on last, as a finishing touch to an outfit and take it off first.

What do I do if my jewelry gets damaged?

Our craftsmanship is above the current industry standards, but if something does happen, don’t worry! Once your jewelry registered on our website, it is covered by our lifetime warranty, which allows access to our “Repair & Restore” services.  We extend these in an effort to extend the life of your jewelry.

Email us at so we can help you find a solution, look at the ‘Our Services’ section to learn more.

How can I set up a virtual appointment?

From helping you find the perfect design to providing one-on-one styling & jewelry care recommendations, we are at your service. Do reach out to us if you wish to schedule a personalized virtual viewing.

Write to us at to set up a virtual appointment or
WhatsApp us at +91 8826199974.

We are available from Mondays through Friday between 9:00am – 6:00pm.

Our Services

Does my jewelry come with a warranty for repairs & restoration?

Yes - Aulerth’s products are intended to endure for a lifetime and our craftsmanship is above the current industry standards. Nevertheless, in an effort to extend the life & value of our jewelry fulfilling our lifetime commitment to our clients and our philosophy of mindful materialism, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Aulerth jewelry.

If you do face any issues with the metal losing its sheen or damage to the stones, you can send your jewelry back to us in its original packaging, we will inspect it, restore it and send it back to you. If there is any new material involved, a nominal charge for the same would be added.

Our warranty does not cover theft, loss, breakage, negligence, abuse, unauthorised modifications, or resizing, and is currently valid only in India.

Do I need to register for my warranty?

Registering your jewelry with us gives you access to our Lifetime Warranty Services.
• When you shop on, your jewelry is automatically registered with us.
• If you shop at one of our Designer partner's site or stores, scan the QR code printed on your jewelry box and fill out the form on the website sharing an image of your invoice. We will create your account and register your purchase for you.

If you do not receive a registration confirmation email within two weeks
of purchase or are unable to find your past purchased on the website for any
reason, reach out to and we will help you set up your warranty.

What is the Renew Service?

Aulerth’s commitment to mindful materialism extends beyond consciously creating our jewelry. If you would like to upgrade or renew your Aulerth collection, you can come back to us after 6 months of purchase and exchange your jewelry for another design and you will receive a digital gift code of upto 50% of the original value (minus any restoring cost) to use against your new purchase.
When returning jewelry, it should to be in acceptable conditions which can be assessed once it is sent in, and in the original packaging.

We believe the life and value of jewelry matures after purchase and this service allows us to fulfil our purpose of circularity, keeping our products lifetimes beyond a single client. This service is currently valid only in India.

What is your return policy?

In case of any damage or discrepancy in your jewelry when you receive it, you can return or exchange it within 3 days of delivery, and will be eligible for a gift code of the same value or an exchange of the same or higher value as the original invoice.
Beyond 3 days, you can opt for our ‘Renew’ services.
When returning jewelry, it should to be in acceptable conditions which can be assessed once it is sent in, and in the original packaging. This service is currently valid only in India.

Can I exchange my jewelry?

Yes, you can come back to us anytime and exchange your jewelry for another design. Read about our Renew Services to know more.

Referrals Program

What is the Aulerth Referral Program?

Please write to us at if you would like to join our referral program and we will send out customised invites with personal messages to your friends inviting them to explore the brand.

When you invite your friend & family to shop with us, they will receive a special one-time code that when used at checkout gives them a 10% off on their first purchase which would be valid for one month. You in turn will receive 10% off on your next purchase, valid for 1 year after they have completed their purchase.

Shipping & Logistics

How long do you take to process orders?

All orders are processed & shipped within 5 working days. You will receive a tracking ID from our logistics partners once your order is shipped. Do note, Saturdays & Sundays would not count as working days.

Where do you ship to?

We offer complimentary shipping within India. International shipping will be arranged on request. Please contact our Client Service on with your order details.

Can I track my shipment?

You will receive your order tracking number on your registered email ID, but you can also log into your account on the Aulerth website to manage & track all your orders.

Do you have any questions?

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