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Jewelry by leading designers Consciously made

Aulerth’s approach to sustainability is specifically centered on minimizing the mining footprint of its jewelry. Our jewelry is made from base metals, that are recycled from industrial use and repurposed. We meticulously choose our stones ensuring they carry a minimal to zero mining footprint and ecological damage.

We need to address the role jewelry needs to play to deal with the urgency of climate change. Each year approximately 3,000-4,000 tonnes of gold are mined globally, each ton of gold emitting 38,100 tons of carbon dioxide. Further, a single 9-gram 22 karat plain gold ring would have generated over 20T of toxic waste including cyanide and mercury pollution – that’s nearly 6 bn tons of toxic waste when extrapolated, per year. Besides the emissions and toxic waste generation, mining for gold & gemstones contributes to habitat destruction and ecological damage, socio-cultural upheaval, and overall accounts for 95% carbon footprint of the jewelry industry.

While achieving a net-zero impact can be a collective industry goal, we are all far from it. We only know what we are capable of doing, and hope to lead by example. The more visibility we have on the issues we are conscious of the more solutions we can explore. We will always focus on a net positive change.


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