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Jewelry by leading designers Consciously made

Our Philosophy

Consciously Made

There is a growing need to address the role jewelry will play in dealing with the urgency of climate change. Each year approximately 3,000-4,000 tonnes of gold are mined globally, each ton of gold emitting 38,100 tons of carbon dioxide. Further, a single 9-gram 22 karat plain gold ring would have generated over 20T of toxic waste including cyanide and mercury pollution – that’s nearly 6 bn tons of toxic waste when extrapolated, per year. Besides the emissions and toxic waste generation, mining for gold & gemstones contributes to habitat destruction and ecological damage, socio-cultural upheaval, and overall accounts for 95% carbon footprint of the jewelry industry.

Is this devastation really necessary?

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Progressively Precious

We believe the responsible approach is to step back and ask this question: given that jewelry is not serving a core functional purpose for eg. unlike automobiles, how can we truly minimize the mining footprint for jewelry holistically.

Between our founder and team, we have extensive experience in the jewelry industry and experience at different ends of the supply chain. This gives us a bird’s eye view of the industry-wide inefficiencies and gaps in the circle, and also a sharp perspective on what it takes to build world-class quality. While achieving a net-zero impact can be a collective industry goal, we are all far from it. We only know what we are capable of doing, and hope to lead by example. The more visibility we have on the issues we are conscious of the more solutions we can explore.

Our jewelry is made from base metals, that are recycled after industrial use (automobiles, construction equipment, and so on) and repurposed for high-quality jewelry. They go through a process of protective layering and coating, and plating with gold – all at above industry standards to maximize durability. We meticulously choose our stones ensuring they carry a minimal to zero mining footprint, with the least ecological damage.

Mindful Materialism

We live, nurture and care for design, we don’t just consume. We collect meaning and memories and symbolize them with objects that endure when experiences fade. Our lives are carefully curated mosaics of expression. Each piece adds to our identity. Objects creatively emote what is unsaid. The future needs true beauty to be ‘creative excellence made responsibly’. We encourage transparency and aim that our consumers make more informed choices on how to align themselves.

We believe the life and value of jewelry mature after purchase. The object can become a part of stories and memories that will be passed on to generations. Our legacy is of what could be and who you want to be; the future.

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Expand the Indian Aesthetic Vocabulary

As a platform, we have a responsibility to push the boundaries of what is expected. Historically, Indians are vanguards of creative experimentation and expression through design. Through our various long-term designer partnerships, we represent plurality in design and support multiple aesthetics and artistic traditions. We pursue exceptional artistry by widening the potentialities of design through technology and conscious materials and forms. This showcases a multifaceted contemporary India. Combined this is a fresh heritage of jewelry design from India for the world.

We want to shape a better, thoughtful way to discover, appreciate and collect jewelry from India globally; and ensconce India’s deserved status within the world of luxury and design.

The Aulerth Journal

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The Making of Azra, The Untouched

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