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Introducing “The Aulerth Loop” High on Design Intelligently Mindful Learn more.

Aulerth is an inspired way of thinking and living that is high on design and intelligently mindful, towards minimizing the environmental footprint behind jewelry.


We create jewelry that is couture-inspired, meticulously crafted and engineered to last a lifetime - in partnership with leading designers, with a zero to minimal mining footprint. We have also created a circular model with the flexibility for our clients to renew (exchange), restore and own jewelry for a short-term.

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Featured Designers

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How Aulerth is bringing sustainability to jewellery

By Rhea Singh | 9 February 2022

Not just relegated to cut, carat, clarity and colour, Aulerth’s design vocabulary transcends the four C’s to consciousness, care, craftsmanship and couture-inspired jewels.

Ethical & Exquisit

By Aashmita Nayar | May 2022

How the world’s first high-end sustainable jewellery brand, that hails from India, is changing the conversation on the ‘value’ of precious jewellery.

This Mother’s Day, Celebrate Your Mom With A Timeless Piece Of Jewellery

By Ruman Baig | 6 May 2022

Mothers often pass down their trinkets to the next generation of daughters and daughters-in-law—but how great would it be, if we switch the tradition up and gift them precious jewels instead?

Aulerth: this jewellery brand is converting industrial waste into accessories

By Varun Rana | 20 May 2022

Conscious jewellery label Aulerth is breaking new ground in making designer accessories out of reclaimed industrial waste and man-made gemstones


Shipra Mishra

Hi, This is Shipra, client of Aulerth, all the way from Dubai. They have some gorgeous designer pieces of accessories. When I visited Delhi NCR, I thought I would have to go to multiple places...

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Sunaina Talwar

As a luxury brand strategist I often host clients’ brand events. And with my schedule as a working mom - I constantly end up planning my look last minute. I’d been eyeing the Shivan Naresh...

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Upasna Dash

I think there are very few brands that really have you from the very first moment you interact with them, and Aulerth is definitely one of those brands. Women & jewelry have always had such...

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Kajal Singh

I absolutely love the Amelia studs. The design is just such a great mix of modern and traditional, the symmetry and edgy cut and style with rich enamel work makes it perfect for any occasion....

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Aulerth creates jewelry that is couture inspired and consciously made.


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