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The Aulerth Loop furthers our commitment to reducing the footprint behind jewelry, by extending the wearing lifecycle of each jewel. The Loop is a rental program that enables you to create your own personalized wearing plan around classic and latest couture-inspired collections, created in partnership with our designers.

If you love our designs but don’t think you would wear them beyond a short period of time, or beyond a specific occasion, then you can Loop (rent) them for a fee, where you get to own and wear them for a short term (upto 2 weeks), with the option to extend for longer, if you like.

The Loop also provides the flexibility to purchase, anytime, after wearing and experiencing the quality, precision and aesthetic.

Loop Products

How It Works


Curate your Loop by browsing through our collections. Check out with the Loop button to own your favorite jewels for the next 2 weeks. We include a token assurance deposit with the value of your Loop, which is refundable.

Vintage wedding, weekend getaway, and a date night all in one month! The perfect outfit for everywhere you need to be can now be yours in a single loop.


Cherish the experience of discovering something new, the freedom to be creative and reinvent yourself with every Loop! Our jewelry is crafted to endure for a lifetime, and you can help us extend their lifeline by caring for your jewelry for as long as they are yours.

Remember to hold on to your jewelry boxes and their outer cartons as well.

Complete the Loop

After 2 weeks, you can choose to extend your Loop or place the jewels back in their original packaging along with the outer shipping carton, and our team will arrange for a pick-up.

By retaining and returning all the original packaging, you are directly contributing to reducing the logistics

The Loop Advantages

  • Unlimited access to all our couture-inspired collections as soon as they are launched.
  • The freedom to express yourself and experiment with your style that is financially smarter & sustainable.
  • You make a direct contribution to significantly reducing the carbon footprint and destruction behind the jewelry.
  • Easy delivery and returns on us, every time.
  • Specialized UV tech that cleans and sanitizes your jewelry without damaging it.


How does the Loop work?

The Loop gives you the freedom and flexibility to own your jewelry for as long as you like. Do you love our designs but don’t want to commit to them forever? You can just create yourown Loop from the special selection reserved for this feature - wear and cherish them for 2 weeks and return them to us. The Loop comes with its special pricing, and we also take a token assurance deposit that is added to the value of the Loop as well as your KYC documentation. Your deposit is refunded once the jewelry is returned to us. Also, did we mention we offer free shipping both ways?

How long can I keep the jewelry that I Loop?

With the Loop, you can own your favorite designs for as long as you like starting from a day up to 2 whole weeks. In case you want to keep them longer, you can reach out to us before your Loop ends, and we will help youkeep your jewels for one more cycle.

Can I extend my Loop?

Yes, you can extend your Loop. Just reach out to us and we will send you a new invoiceand payment link for your next Loop.

Why are the designs I want not available?

We create a limited number of jewels and reserve a select number of these for the Loop. And they are always on the move! When something you see is unavailable, it's either currently being Looped by another member or being restored. Feel free to add it to your wish list and check back later; you can also reach out to us at to book it for the future. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.

Are shipping and return chargeable?

We offer free shipping for both delivery and returns.

How do you sanitize the jewelry/adhere to COVID-19 protocols?

We use specialized UV tech that cleans and sanitizes your jewelry without damaging it. Your jewelry also goes through a thorough QC (quality check) process to ensure it reaches you safely.

When will my order arrive?

We process all orders within 3-5 working days. In case you need your jewelry urgently or want to start your Loop at a later date or for express deliveries, talk to us and we will work to accommodate your request.

What condition are the jewels in?

Our Loop jewels are in new or like-new condition. In most cases, you might be the first one ever to wear a piece. Even if you’re not, it might feel like you are; our craftsmanship is well above industry standards and Aulerth jewelry is made to last a lifetime.
We also take great care to ensure each jewel is deep cleaned, sanitized, and restored before we send them to their new home.

How many times can I Loop jewelry in a year?

There is no limit to how often you can Loop jewelry; use this feature to complete your ensemble for a special occasion or you can even use it as a new way to curate and collect all your jewelry!

How many jewels can I Loop at a time?

There is no limit on how many jewels you can Loop at once, each design is valued separately and carries its own deposit.

However, if you are looking at Looping multiple designs for yourself or along with your family and friends – reach out to us and we will help customize the experience for you and make the most of your Loop.

I need help choosing the perfect options for me/I can’t find what I’m looking for.

From helping you find the perfect design to providing one-on-one styling and jewelry care recommendations, we are at your service. You can write to us at or WhatsApp us at +91 88261 99974.

What is a Wish List? Why should I add designs to my wish list?

Wish listing your designs allows you to keep a track of your favorite jewels while browsing the website and curating your final selection; it also makes it easier to find styles that you may want to Loop later.

You can share your wish list with your friends and family or better yet, share it with us and we can help you make the most of your Loop.

Why do I need to put down an assurance deposit?

We take an “Assurance deposit”, which is significantly lower than a standard security deposit, as a promissory token for safe return. The “Assurance deposit” is equivalent to the value of one Loop.

This amount doesn’t reflect the actual value of creating or restoring the jewel. We take care of all minor wear and tear as well as the cleaning and sanitizing of jewels between ‘Loops’. However, in case of any major damage, breakage, or loss, the cost of restoring the jewel would be deducted from the deposit. In case the damage is greater than the deposit value, additional repair charges will be invoiced to you.

When will my assurance deposit be refunded?

Your deposit amount will be refunded to your account or your original mode of payment within 5-7 working days of the jewelry coming back to us safely.

What happens if the jewelry gets damaged while it’s with me?

Minor wear and tear are on us! When you send the jewels back, quality checks will be performed, and if there are any serious damages or breakages, repair charges will be deducted from your token deposit. In case the damage is greater than the deposit value, additional repair charges will be invoiced to you.

Can I travel with the jewelry that I Loop?

Absolutely! Aulerth jewelry is perfect for luxury travelers who appreciate distinctive, a couture-inspired style that’s also mindful. The Loop gives you the freedom to own, travel, and cherish your jewels for 2 weeks.

Just remember, we process all orders within 3-5 working days; so, plan your Loop at least 5 days before your occasion. In case you are unsure of when to place your order, call us and we will help you plan the perfect Loop.

How do I buy the jewels I’ve Looped?

Jewelry can become a part of our life’s special moments, and if you have fallen in love with the jewels you have Looped, reach out to us at and we will help you complete the purchase of your jewel by adjusting the value you have already paid against the prevailing value of the jewel.

Can I buy jewelry without Looping it first?

Of course! We maintain a completely separate inventory for those of you wishing to own your jewelry forever. Simply click on the ‘Purchase’ button and check out as usual.

Can I book a Loop for a future specific date?

If you are planning to Loop your jewelry for a special event, we suggest you let us know and book your designs in advance. We process all orders within 3-5 working days; so, plan your Loop at least 5 days before you are expecting to wear them. Remember you get to keep your jewelry for 2 weeks.

For express deliveries please reach out to us
at or +91
88261 99974

How do I update my billing and shipping information for my order? Can I send my order to another location that is not my home?

You can access your account on our website and manage your address from your account section -

Can I change the delivery date and time?

If you need to change or edit your order once it is placed, write to us with your order details and request a change, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

If you are planning to Loop your jewelry for a special event, we suggest you let us know and book your designs in advance. We process all orders within 3-5 working days; so, plan your Loop at least 5 days before you are expecting to wear them. Remember you get to keep your jewelry for 2 weeks.

Will I be charged for items not returned at the end of my ‘Loop’?

We take care of the return pick-up of your jewelry at the end of your Loop. You have to simply pack them back in their original box and carton and keep them ready for our logistics partners.

If for any reason your Looped jewel is not handed over for return post 48 hours of your Loop’s ending, you would be charged for a second Loop.
In case you know you would not be able to return the jewelry in time for any reason, we suggest you reach out to us in advance, and we can work together to resolve the issue.

Why do you need KYC information. What will you do with it?

Collecting KYC details helps us verify the identity of our clients, ensuring a trustworthy and secure experience for everyone involved.

As for what we do with this information, rest assured that we handle it with the utmost care and responsibility. We use KYC data solely for the purposes of identity verification, fraud prevention. Your information is never shared with unauthorized third parties or used for anything else.

Your privacy & security is of utmost importance to us. All the information that is collected is stored on an encrypted server with tightly controlled access to prevent unauthorized access or misuse of your data. We continuously monitor our systems & processes to ensure that no issues arise.

Aulerth creates jewelry that is couture inspired and consciously made.


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