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Jewelry by leading designers Consciously made

Ekaya Banaras

Ekaya is a contemporary, bespoke handloom brand presenting the finest works of textile art from the Indian craftsman’s repertoire. It has been brought forth by one of the country’s best-known families renowned for preserving the tradition of Banarasi textiles for over four generations and is led by Mr. Bharat Shah (Director) and his daughter Ms. Palak Shah (CEO).

All of Ekaya’s products are hand-woven and hand-made, supporting and empowering over 10,000 weavers from Banaras, as well as craftsmen from various corners of the country. Each product is woven using the finest quality of raw materials in the most sustainable way possible and takes anywhere from 200 hours to 1000 handloom-hours from start to finish.

The brand was established with the vision to change the way handloom textiles are sold and presented in India, with the aim towards reinforcing and asserting the traditional textile's place in fashion's luxury platform. The brand offers the sophisticated consumer at both national and international level a very distinct product line based on the principles of heritage and artisanship. The brand currently has five retail outlets in India- Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Mumbai (2019) along with an e-commerce platform (

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About Aulerth

Aulerth is the world’s first house of design that is creating a completely new experience for jewelry – one that is highly authentic, and highly sustainable. With Aulerth you either own a design, with an option to change it anytime, or you can use a feature called the Aulerth Loop, with which you can rent to wear for an occasion and return.

All of our designs are engineered to have a very low environmental footprint, which we achieve by using recycled base metals instead of gold, and silver which cause significant mining damage. The stones we use are mostly lab-created and natural in some cases, handpicked to minimize the environmental footprint.


Responsibly Made

We live, nurture and care for design, we don’t just consume. We collect meaning and memories and symbolize them with objects that endure when experiences fade. Our lives are carefully curated mosaics of expression. Each piece adds to our identity. Objects creatively emote what is unsaid. The future needs true beauty to be ‘creative excellence made responsibly’. We encourage transparency and aim that our consumers make more informed choices on how to align themselves.

We believe the life and value of jewelry mature after purchase. The object can become a part of stories and memories that will be passed on to generations. Our legacy is of what could be and who you want to be; the future.

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The Aulerth Journal

Unveiling Opaline by Ekaya Banaras

Ekaya’s Creative Force, Palak Shah, Unveils The Creative Process Of Crafting Opaline   Steeped in tradition and timelessness—Opaline—Ekaya’s first jewelry collection for Aulerth exudes authenticity and sustainability.   This collection revolves around the magic of...

The Making of Azra, The Untouched

JJV’s latest jewelry collection for Aulerth – Azra, the untouched – is a celebration of nomadic style language layered with undertones of royal design intricacies and the richness of meticulously hand-picked stones. Drawing influences from...

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Aulerth is a first of its kind design house for jewelry that’s couture-inspired, meticulously crafted, created in partnership with leading designers. With mindful materialism at the core - our goal is to significantly reduce the footprint behind jewelry, which we address through engineering our jewelry to have a zero to minimal mining footprint, and offering flexible usage models: Purchase, with an exchange, or use the Aulerth Loop (rent for 2 weeks).


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