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Prachi Pawar

So when it comes to fashion, I really like simple, minimal and just enough style to keep things interesting. And if possible with not a lot of efforts and for jewelry specially I embrace less is more philosophy. Allowing each carefully selected item to really make a statement, and creating a style that feels uniquely my own. So, I picked Aulerth for few of my girlfriend's wedding. I actually don't own any wedding jewelry but was really looking for something stylish and minimal to go with my outfits. Aulerth felt like a perfect option with its loop offering, I didn't have to commit to buying it and choose to give it a try for couple of weddings. Honestly, they are a great collection, super on trend, good on price and a perfect team to help me pick. The entire experience was super smooth. I dropped in at the store, made my picks in less then 15 minutes and was good to go. I got tons of compliments for my jewelry and it works so well with my outfits. Very very on trend and also super lite to wear. I am planning to infact loop again for my next set of weddings to attend and I love the idea of having something new to wear every single time. I think I am going to be a customer for life. Thank you Aulerth

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Aulerth creates jewelry that is couture inspired and consciously made.


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