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Does my jewelry come with a warranty for repairs & restoration?

Yes - Aulerth’s products are intended for endure a lifetime and our craftsmanship is above the current industry standards. Nevertheless, in an effort to extend the life & value of our jewelry fulfilling our lifetime commitment to our clients and our philosophy of mindful materialism, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Aulerth jewelry.

If you do face any issues with the metal losing its sheen or damage to the stones, you can send your jewelry back to us in its original packaging, we will inspect it, restore it and send it back to you. If there is any new material involved, a nominal charge for the same would be added.

Our warranty does not cover theft, loss, breakage, negligence, abuse, unauthorised modifications, or resizing, and is currently valid only in India.

Do I need to register for my warranty?

Registering your jewelry with us gives you access to our Lifetime Warranty Services.

When you shop on, your jewelry is automatically
registered with us.

If you shop at one of our Designer partners site or stores, scan the QR code printed on your jewelry box and fill out the form on the website sharing an image of your invoice. We will create your account and register your purchase for you.

If you do not receive a registration confirmation email within two weeks of purchase or are unable to find your past purchased on the website for any reason, reach out to and we will help you set up
your warranty.

What is your return policy?

In case of any damage or discrepancy in your jewelry when you receive it, you can return or exchange it within 3 days of delivery, and will be eligible for a gift code of the same value or an exchange of the same or higher value as the original invoice.

Beyond 3 days, you can opt for our ‘Renew’ services which kick in 12 months after you have shopped with us.

When returning jewelry, it should to be in acceptable conditions which can be assessed once it is sent in, and in the original packaging including its outer carton. This service is currently valid only in India.

Can I exchange my jewelry?

Yes, you can come back to us after 12 months of purchase and exchange your jewelry for another design. Read about our Renew Services to know more.


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