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Ritu Singh

I was looking for something unique to wear to my daughters wedding reception.  

As I was scrolling down on Instagram, it instantly caught my eye for how different Aulerth’s pieces were. I read more on the brand and fell in love with their ideology.  I really appreciated that they are made of Sustainable/ recyclable base metals collected industrial left over  material. I would’ve never known based on how fine and luxurious the jewelry looks.  

I felt amazing!!! The neural colors were simply gorgeous. It was so lightweight that I would’ve forgotten I had it on if I didn’t have so many people compliment me on it.  

From collaborating with the designer to receiving my order, the experience with Aulerth has been amazing. The customer service made me feel even more happy with the choice I made.  

Their mission statement and what they stand for. I love what they stand for as much as I love the necklace and my earrings. It’s a fantastic thing fashion companies like Aulerth, are environmentally conscious and changing the fashion game. It has become a very meaningful necklace to me, that it is what I want to have as an heirloom to pass onto my daughter. 

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