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Unveiling Opaline by Ekaya Banaras

Ekaya’s Creative Force, Palak Shah, Unveils The Creative Process Of Crafting Opaline


Steeped in tradition and timelessness—Opaline—Ekaya’s first jewelry collection for Aulerth exudes authenticity and sustainability.


This collection revolves around the magic of pearls – every piece of handcrafted jewel exudes an elegant luster of champagne shimmer. Pearl—a symbol of purity, good luck, refinement, and ambiguity—becomes a leitmotif across the collection of rings, haath phool, earrings, and pendant necklaces. Offset with Ekaya's evening black ensembles, the pristine white pearl collectibles bring out the hypnotic allure of Ekaya's noir aesthetic.


We spoke to Palak to get a low-down on what it took for her to create this elegant jewelry collection for Aulerth. Scroll down to read.


How would you describe the collection to your patrons?


Each piece is a true collectible with unexpected details. From pendant necklaces to dangler earrings to rings - each jewel works in varied settings. Moreover, these jewels can be layered and restyled depending on one's mood and occasion. Pair these with a sari, a dress, or a pantsuit—there's a hint of effortless allure that makes styling fun and seamless. 


How did you translate your design sensibilities to this jewelry line?


My design sensibilities have always been about revival and reinvention. Ekaya collections have always been about a socio-cultural dialogue between the past and present. And the same sensibilities were translated to the jewelry pieces, too. They are steeped in inventiveness yet the designs have a heritage feel. They are modern and contemporary yet you can't miss the all-pervading Baroque spirit. 


If you had to depict the essence of this collection in just one line, what would you say?


Modern, utilitarian, and timeless. 


What inspired your design process for this collection? How did you choose the stones, color palette, and style?    


It was an organic process and some of my past collections' mood boards also influenced a few designs. Pearls are a timeless classic and are considered a sign of refinement and purity both in Indian and Western cultures hence it was a joy to experiment with them. They lend themselves beautifully into jewels - from pendants to rings, and bracelets.


Aquamarine was another exceptional stone that lent gravitas to the collection's couture ethos. An instant pop of striking aquamarine instantly elevated the allure of the jewelry. Also, each jewel is easy to style and practical enough to be worn throughout the day. 


What do you love the most about this collection?


It's hard to pick but the ornate helical ear studs, which almost envelop the ears, are easily one of my favorites. It evokes heritage yet is contemporary in spirit. 


Any styling tips? What’s the best way to pair these jewelry pieces?


Layer them with your other jewelry pieces and create a completely new look out of them. They work beautifully with Indian, Western, and Indo-Western ensembles and can be worn throughout the day. The pendants and necklaces are easy to restyle and recontextualize. Rings can be playfully stacked, too, and can be an instant conversation starter.


Were there any major turning points or seminal moments in your relationship with Aulerth?


It was an organic process as both design houses embody the values of inventiveness and sustainability. It was a thrill to see Aulerth’s impeccable designs taking on ornate silhouettes reminiscent of Ekaya’s couture lexicon. 




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