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The Making of Azra, The Untouched

JJV’s latest jewelry collection for Aulerth – Azra, the untouched – is a celebration of nomadic style language layered with undertones of royal design intricacies and the richness of meticulously hand-picked stones.

Drawing influences from the early fashion sensibilities of the Mesopotamian nomads – this line of jewelry depicts the beauty of soft edges, raw uncut gemstones, textured metals, antique gold finishes, earthy and muted color palettes, and unfinished hand-embossing techniques.

Each jewel from this line portrays the beauty of imperfections, flaws, and irregularities; for instance, natural stones in the jewels retain their original textures.

“Research is the foundation for our latest line for Aulerth’s – Azra. The rich history of nomadic jewelry from the Mesopotamian belt often helps one unearth layers of cultural references that have been intersected and entangled as centuries have passed—bringing back to life (every time) the rich but elegantly raw artifacts worn by the last generations of nomads. Azra was born from my fascination with nomadic archaeology and is a testament to beauty in contradiction” says JJ Valaya.

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