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Ideation to Creation: The Journey of How the ‘Aulerth Lite’ Line of Jewelry was Born

Dainty, delicate, and extraordinarily beautiful – the ‘Aulerth Lite’ line of jewelry immortalizes the true essence of #TheJoyOfAdornment. Derived from our statement couture collections, designed respectively by India’s top couturiers: Shivan & Narresh, JJ Valaya, Suneet Varma, and Tribe Amrapali – these miniature jewels reflect each couturier’s design language in the most elusive ways.

Vivek Ramabhadran decodes how Aulerth’s brand-new jewelry line – ‘Aulerth Lite’ – was articulated, and why this is the most thoughtful gifting option for you. Scroll down to read.

 How did you formulate the idea of Aulerth Lite?

Aulerth was launched with our quintessential statement jewelry collections. Our designs were loved and appreciated across the country and internationally. However, we observed that while our clients love the designs, how ornately each piece is crafted, and what the brand stands for – there are many occasions or situations where our clients don’t necessarily wish to wear dominating statement jewelry pieces to complete their ensembles. They prefer lighter, daintier jewels that carry our designers’ couture languages. Taking a cue from this, we launched the beautiful ‘Aulerth Lite’ line. 

How would you describe this collection to your patrons?

Miniature, delicate, dainty, and statement – all rolled into one.

How did Aulerth translate the design sensibilities of all designer partners into this jewelry line?

The ‘Aulerth Lite’ line is derived from our earlier jewelry lines, crafted by Shivan & Narresh, JJ Valaya, Suneet Varma, and Tribe Amrapali.

To begin with, Aulerth’s statement collections come directly from a designer’s couture signature, which we understand, and interpret, and then, we focus on the specific couture direction they undertake for a particular season. Furthermore, we translate that school of thought to create certain key motifs, which we then develop, and finally, that translates into elaborate jewelry pieces.

So, ‘Aulerth Lite’ jewelry is formed by taking key elements from our statement pieces (of our prior jewelry lines) and carving out daintier jewelry pieces from them.

 What do you love the most about this new range of jewelry?

It fits very well as a thoughtful gifting option – gifting the joy of adornment to yourself or your loved ones.

 What’s the best way to pair these jewelry pieces?

The jewelry can be paired beautifully with a summer dress for day occasions or a sleek, rich-hued gown for evening gatherings. In fact, these jewels can be effortlessly styled with chiffon saris, kaftans, and even a simple white shirt and a pair of denim.

 What’s your favorite piece from this new line?

I like quite a few. I am fond of the Gulmohar Crimson Bracelet, Rosa Vine Drops, Pakeezah Brooch, Rumeli Double-motif Ring, and the Numisma Gilded Bangle.


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