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10 Ways to Wear Pearl Jewelry

Timeless, classic, and sophisticated—pearls have long since been synonymous with all of these descriptors, and for good reason: the luster of this gem is unparalleled, and it fits into every trend thanks to its elegant simplicity. And we’re not just talking about the immediate visual that comes to mind when one thinks of pearls: the string of it (though it does remain a staple, and deservedly so). Today, pearls come in different shapes and sizes, and even colors if you’re feeling a tad experimentative. These shapes range from the typical round one, to baroque pearls, which are a bit irregular in form. This is a result of changes in the way pearls are made, and these interventions have opened the gates to get more variety. 


When it comes to bridal jewelry, pearls make for a natural fit as they lean into the emotion of the day, romance. And, while you can always opt for a more traditional approach to styling pearls, the options available have increased manifold because what makes the pearl so special is that it can be styled with just about every gem in a manner where it lets the other shine, but still manages to hold its own. These options can tie in neatly with the overall aesthetic of your wedding trousseau, be it classic, edgy, or contemporary. The best part is that pearl bridal jewelry is evergreen: the pieces can be worn even after the big day as they work in tandem with most wardrobes. 


So, here’s how you can don your pearl bridal jewelry and add a special touch to your wedding trousseau.  



If you’re going for a classic vibe for an evening look, a pearl choker will complete the look and add to its elegance. A more laid-back approach can be adopted by weaving in a single-pearl drop necklace, or you can amp it up a notch by adding pearls to traditional necklaces. By interspersing delicate pearls within the framework of the latter, you’ll break any heaviness and add sheen. Pastel necklaces are also getting a lot of positive attention for the wedding season, and pearls work to bring the shades together to create a vision of whimsy.



Take the string image you have of pearls and multiply that: the layered necklace you’re imagining can work well with just pearls or as a composite with pearls and other gems.



There’s no paucity of options when it comes to pearl bridal earrings. From studs and hoops to cuffs and drop earrings, pearl earrings come in myriad styles. Pearl studs allow the gem to be front and center, and they also work to create an understated yet elegant look. For an edgier look, you can look for different pearl shapes. If chandelier earrings are the centerpiece of your bridal jewelry, pearls complement other gems and work well when clustered together at the bottom. This pearl bridal jewelry piece will highlight the silhouette of your outfit, and your other jewelry pieces can be kept minimal to not overpower each other.



Whether you’re going the traditional route or choosing something edgier, pearl headpieces will help you make the right moves. They blend in easily and showcase the pendant gracefully.



Smaller pearls when set in bracelets create a delicate piece—one that can easily be worn after the wedding. With detachable jewelry sets, your pearl bracelet can link up to a matching ring as well and the two can be styled together or as separate as you please. 



If you want to incorporate pearl bridal jewelry in a more minimalistic manner, brooches let you do exactly so while still standing out as a unique adornment. 



Pearls are encouraging gems; they not only have their luster, but their neutral tone makes them work with most of your wedding outfits and the other gems. This means that they bring out the splendor of what they neighbor, and if you want to have another gem as the showpiece of your jewelry, pearls will only highlight that.


Shapes and sizes

By mixing shapes and sizes of pearls, you’ll be left with a more textural piece. For instance, regular round pearls and baroque pearls can be connected in chandelier earrings to add depth. 


Linking colors

Playing with colors and embracing boldness is encouraged, and if you plan on doing so, incorporating pearls in the design can help blend and balance out the shades without competing with them. It’s when the gem is ready to take on more of a supporting role but still shine because of its innate radiance. If you want to keep your mixing and matching of colors within pearls, opt for dual-tone sets in your pearl bridal jewelry. Each gem will uniquely reflect light, acting as your very own spotlight.


As a frame

Draw attention to details you want to highlight with small pearls, as they can provide a lustrous border to your centerpiece. For striking pendants especially, the pearls accentuate the shape of the gemstone.

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