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All you need to know about Tribe Amrapali's jewelry collection for Aulerth.

Juxtaposing the beauty of innovative jewelry designs with understated luxury – Tribe Amrapali has carved out a niche in the Indian spectrum with its spectacular range of traditional and contemporary baubles for the modern woman. Their exclusive jewelry collection for Aulerth personifies style, luxury and myriad Indian art forms.

Excerpts from our interaction with team Tribe Amrapali. Scroll down to read more.

Describe the collection in a few words.

Jewels from the ancient world that celebrates the flamboyance of Indian cultures and traditions – the Tribe Amrapali for Aulerth collection – is a carnival of innovative jewellery designs juxtaposed with a layer of understated luxury. The collection was crafted for modern Indian brides.

Tell us a little bit about the design sensibilities of this jewellery line? 

The design sensibilities of this collection revolve around weaving beautiful narratives derived from Indian art and folklores. Every piece of jewellery has an element of storytelling running through its strands.

What do you love the most about this collection? 

Every piece in this collection is inspired by the splendour of Indian cultures and traditions. These themes have a deeper meaning, and we have translated fragments from them into each jewellery piece.

What interesting techniques were used in creating this jewellery line? 

This jewellery collection features state-of-the-art techniques. Classic Indian jadau and chitai work have been redefined in this collection. The stones have been takkar and prong-set, giving this collection a stunning appearance. Some pieces of jewellery feature meenakari and Kundan work to give them a more elegant appearance. Enamelling, delicate beadwork, oxidation, and gold plating are some of the other techniques used in this collection.

What’s the best way to pair these jewellery pieces? 

These pieces are very versatile and can be styled with both Indian and western wear. From casual day look to sophisticated evening look and bridal look – each piece can be adapted in diverse ways.

What makes this jewellery line so special? 

This jewellery line is so special because it caters to all kinds of fashion sensibilities – traditional and contemporary. The collection is an amalgamation of delicate notes and bold fashion statements that is perfect for today’s modern woman.

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