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Bridal Choker Trends For The Big Day

When it comes to versatility, there’s nothing quite like the bridal choker necklace—and its ability to transform the silhouette of an outfit hasn’t gone unnoticed, making its journey to becoming a must-have bridal accessory inevitable. While not too long ago it was synonymous with an edgier aesthetic, the choker actually has roots in ancient civilisations where it was deemed to have healing and protective properties. Today, it straddles a sensibility that can embrace show-stopping boldness as well as understated charm and elegance. But, no matter what look you want to go for, it will make an unforgettable statement.

If you are looking to don a bridal choker set on your wedding day, these trends can serve as your starting place by introducing you to the trends that, while minimal, don’t lack any splendour. Whether it’s unexpected gradients that flow into each other, assertive shapes and forms that stand their ground, or delicate strings that seem to float, you’ll be able to find your (other) match.

Aulerth Bridal Choker trends Amrapali Necklace

Statement Punctuation

You can make a statement quietly, and the bridal choker necklace is a way to do so. An investment piece, the showstopper choker adorns the neck and draws attention to your collarbone with ornate work that is a testament to the craftsmanship. Look for a piece that won’t compete with your bridal outfit, but will instead enhance its form with drop pendants that shine a spotlight on the neckline. By filling up space, it works especially well if you choose a deep plunge blouse or sweetheart neckline. Should you want to forego stonework entirely for this trend, bare metals add a resplendent sheen to an understated look. If you want to make a statement that’s a little louder, play with the size and colour of the gemstones and look for styles that follow the cut of the blouse.

Layer It In

If you have certain heirloom or vintage pieces that you’ll be donning for the day, but you want to take your bridal outfit up a notch, consider layering in a thin chain bridal choker necklace. The small touch won’t overwhelm the other pieces, and will instead work as a foil to allow your other piece of choice to shine. However, be sure to stick to a single colour palette for the layers to support each other. You can keep the layering trend within the bridal choker subset, too, by stacking different widths on top of each other. The chokers could either be of the same type, or you can play with textures and thickness for some visual play.

Keep It Sharp

As a result of its location, the choker is one of the best ways to showcase the cut of the stone, and this season is all about embracing different shapes and sizes. To match your one-of-a-kind aesthetic, opt for abstract, irregular designs that play with the form of the stone. This adds a sense of whimsy to the look without undermining the occasion. In fact, the edgier the cut of the stones and the more graphic the interplay of patterns, the more the bridal choker necklace serves as a symbol of your own self-assertion.

Aulerth Jewelry Bridal Choker Trends Suneet Varma Necklace

Ode To Subtlety

Simplicity is ageless, and your bridal choker necklace can embody that spirit on your wedding day. An almost invisible chain with pendants that seem to embrace your neck with no additional support, this style demands a second look. Dainty and delicate, its charm is evident when people get closer and with its versatility of wear, it can also be worn after the wedding for any occasion.


You may have seen people reverting to traditional designs when it comes to their choice of bridal jewellery, often juxtaposing that with a more modern outfit. This fusion brings the best of both worlds, and your bridal choker set can help serve as a bridge. Think of understated luxury in the form of a simple pearl choker for an evening function, which can even be paired with matching earrings to make a more holistic look. Deceptively classic, it’s a look that exudes both sophistication and sensuality. For more traditional jewellery choices, opting for a classic red-gold dual-toned necklace will never go out of style.

Shades Galore

Go for a look that’s rich in surprises by choosing vibrancy in your bridal choker in the form of colour. By mixing and matching gemstones and their respective tonalities, you’ll be able to achieve a mosaic-like result that dazzles and blossoms with the light, and also adds an air of mischief to the outfit. For something more subtle, choose stones that have slight undertones, or surround a single pendant with neutral colours.

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