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Bridal Jewelry Trends of 2022

As we enter 2022, weddings will take on a completely new form—different from what we saw before the pandemic, and definitely different from the more pared-back and virtual approach we’ve been seeing due to the norms of the time. 


The last few months have witnessed more intimate ceremonies, and the bridal jewelry could complement that in two vastly different ways: some brides have toned their whole look down to keep in line with the overall feel, while some have reserved the bold element of their wedding for their bridal jewelry. Whatever the choice, the key aspect was to evoke emotions and channel sentiments. In 2022, the entire wedding party can opt to go back to full glam, or keep it minimal—it’s important to play around with what’s available and choose what resonates perfectly with you. 


There are some bridal jewelry trends for 2022 that you can use as starting points on your own journey before making every piece your own, and we’ve gathered them below.


Playing with convention

Today's modern bride is experimenting with forms and shapes and is not necessarily sticking to what the customs of the past dictate. This could manifest itself in the form of unique accessories that occupy a place on the bridal jewelry mantle, or in mixing and matching more styles to find one’s own perfect fit. Or, this could even appear in the form of offbeat colors and differently cut stones. By opting for such unique settings and hues, one gets a creation that’s truly their own and can reflect their own sensibility. Something that’s beyond just a passing trend is embracing yourself, and allowing yourself to shine. The past couple of years have served as an inflection point for some people as they look to see what matters most to them, and that can manifest as looking for ways to exercise your individuality. Along with this, your wedding jewelry gives you the chance to tell a story through colors, shapes, and motifs, and traditional forms of jewelry may not always reflect that. 


Sustainable jewelry

The jewelry industry doesn’t have a shining reputation when it comes to being eco-friendly and sustainable, but more brands are working towards making a difference. Whether it’s by upcycling materials or researching a brand’s sustainability practices, your bridal jewelry can work as a precious keepsake as well as a mark of respect to the environment and society. Look for pieces that forego excessive mining and are open about their policies. You could also use an heirloom piece of your own and have it reshaped to suit your style. This allows you to add an emotional quotient to your bridal jewelry by piecing in a generation-old item and allows you to do your part in protecting the environment. 



Chokers have been making a steady comeback, and you can expect to see them in full swing when it comes to 2022’s bridal jewelry. The design of these chokers has gone through routine changes, from single bands with a dainty pendant to more elaborate statement pieces that tie together an array of stones in a framework that highlights the cut and shape of each one. These gemstone chokers, when set in the right way, can be styled with the rest of your wardrobe too, and work well with the next trend. 



The same choker that you adore and prize will take on a completely different look when placed with necklaces of different lengths and sizes. It will continue to shine, but it will serve as the foundation of a new look, and based on that, you can layer other pieces. If you’re layering more than two, keep the middle one more simple so that the top and bottom pieces can stand out without looking too busy. This stacking trend translates to other pieces as well, such as bracelets, bangles, and rings, all of which lend themselves to enjoying company. 


Statement earrings

The next trend of 2022 ties in well with toned-down looks, which give you room to experiment with more decadent jewels and craftsmanship. Earrings draw immediate attention to one’s features, frame one’s face, and can be kept as the single showstopper piece of your bridal look. Chandelier earrings, for example, can bring the entire ensemble to life with their shoulder-grazing length and immaculate design. But you don’t need to only rely on chandelier earrings to make a statement: studs and drop earrings are increasingly being designed to hold their own when it comes to eye-catching structure, and you’ll find many that suit you’re aesthetic. Pearl earrings add a timeless feel to the look, while colored gemstones bring an element of joy. If you are opting for statement earrings, remember to look for more simple necklaces.

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