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Find out what inspired JJ Valaya to create an exquisite jewelry line for Aulerth

A celebrated Indian couturier and the founder of House of Valaya, JJ Valaya has redefined Indian luxury fashion in myriad ways throughout his career. From exclusive bridal couture lines to daywear and ready-to-wear fashion lines, today, the multi-talented designer has crafted an exclusive line of jewelry for Aulerth; each piece of jewelry is imagined and designed for modern-day women.

Excerpts from our interaction with JJ Vayala. Scroll down to read more.

How would you describe the collection to your patrons?
This collection is indeed very special as it offers a sneak-peek into our brand-new label that’s about to launch shortly. JJV (JJ Valaya ~ Kapurthala) is a label I’m greatly excited about as it carries the Valaya ethos into a modern occasion-wear line. More to follow when the line launches in March 2022 but my jewellery collection for Aulerth is a great indicator of things to follow.

How did you translate your design sensibilities to this jewellery line?
Couture-inspired jewellery is a natural extension for any progressive fashion brand. Our sensibilities of using various mediums and combining them into a cohesive and effective look form the basis of this line. Furthermore, like all our creative initiatives, each season, we shall have three interpretations of our collection, namely, Royale, Nomad and Art Deco. These are intrinsic to our well-established brand ethos.

If you have to depict the essence of this collection in just one line, what would you say?
The Royal Nomad with a penchant for Art Deco.

What inspired your design process for this collection? How did you choose the stones, colour palette and style?
We follow the same ethos in terms of colours and materials as we do in our fashion line. Established brands such as ours do not need to reinvent the wheel but yes, we do need to gracefully evolve with time…that is the very spirit of luxury, and luxury is the only world we believe in and understand.

What went behind crafting the motifs? Is there a particular storytelling that you aimed at portraying?
This season’s collection is called ‘Rumeli’ (Series Summer 2022). When it comes to design inspiration, the ‘Rumeli’ collection is built on the style sensibilities of the Ottoman Empire. Imagine a symbiotic melange of floral nuances and Aztec strokes. These pieces can be paired elegantly with both traditional and western wear.

What do you love the most about this collection?
The fact that I can indulge in hard materials and create the same magic that I do with softer materials in fashion, and all while creating perfect synergy between the clothes and the jewellery.

What interesting techniques were used in creating this jewellery line?
Translating our design sensibilities from the celebrated ‘Rumeli’ line to Aulerth’s jewellery collection, we used various mediums and combined them into a cohesive and effective look to form the basis of this line. Think employment of carved gemstones set in exquisite metal frameworks with zircon details, intricate enamelling bejewelled with a bandish work of rose pearls and tumbles, plus textured metals.

Any styling tips? What’s the best way to pair these jewellery pieces?
This is a very versatile collection and can be worn both with occasion wear as well as with crisp shirts and jeans. What’s fascinating for me about style is one’s ability to effectively combine high fashion with high-street aesthetic to create an elegant, individualistic style statement.

How gratifying was the experience of creating a jewellery line for you?
I loved it! And, I can’t wait to create more.

What do you hope people will understand more about you through this new expression and form?
People will realise even more that we are a holistic fashion house that celebrates style and history in equal proportions. We believe that timelessness is binding for true elegance and such pieces offer just this and more.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?
I never play favourites; a lot of thought and effort has gone behind crafting each piece. Different people will react differently to diverse styles, and that is actually where the fun of fashion lies, anyways.



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