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Here’s How Shivan & Narresh Crafted The ‘Numisma’ Collection for Aulerth

Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja of the Shivan & Narresh brand have redefined the notion of luxury swimwear in India. The designer duo is celebrated for their unique signature style language that is bold, confident, and sophisticated. Their undisputed eye for detail and unique and all-inclusive silhouettes have helped them carve out a niche in the global fashion universe.And, with a keen focus on holiday lifestyles, today, Shivan & Narresh have created an exclusive, ultra-chic jewelry line for Aulerth called ‘Numisma’ – that encompasses the contemporary wardrobe of luxury holiday connoisseurs.
We spoke to the designers to get a low-down on what it took for them to craft this stellar jewelry series. Scroll down to read.
How would you describe the collection to your patrons?
Shivan & Narresh: A crossover of western ideology with an adaptation of the eastern way to wear jewelry is how we have conceptualized this collection. It is extremely versatile. While the pieces are very contemporary, at the same time, the roots are intrinsically Indian in their inspiration. Thus, it is a seamless blend with all your western staples as much as it can be worn with a traditional attire for destination celebrations.
How did you translate your design sensibilities to this jewelry line?
Shivan & Narresh: Similar to our signature Shivan & Narresh aesthetic, this collection is also bold, contemporary, and an instant head-turner. 
If you have to depict the essence of this collection in just one line, what would you say?
Shivan & Narresh:An insignia of modern classics.”
What inspired your design process for this collection? How did you choose the stones, color palette, and style?    
Shivan & Narresh: For us, this jewelry collection came into play with romancing the idea of how each of our mothers used to make DIY jewelry, back in the day, with their gold coins. In India, we have always had a strong inclination toward collecting gold coins, which were also used for making personalized jewelry such as pendants and necklaces. This fascination has been the starting point for our collection. Moving further, where the idea actually originates is even more interesting. Back in the Colonial era as the British came to India to conquer the country… when they went to the Deccan Plateau, they brought back gold coins with them as a form of currency to buy common necessities. However, when they returned to the markets, they saw gold coins being turned into jewelry as Indians were extremely wealthy and did not really see the need to store those coins.
The color palette we have chosen is classic but the usage is bold and decadent, something we stand for at Shivan & Narresh. 
What do you love the most about this collection?
Shivan & Narresh: We love that it stands out and is visually very distinctive.
Any styling tips? What’s the best way to pair these jewelry pieces?
Shivan & Narresh: The versatility of each piece is endless whether you style it with a white shirt, black slinky dress, or for a destination celebration. 
What’s your favorite piece from the collection?
Shivan: The pearl choker necklace is my favorite from this jewelry series.
Narresh: The atlas hoop earrings are my favorite. They swing in 360 degrees, something that you don’t find in any jewelry piece out there. 
Were there any major turning points or seminal moments in your relationship with Aulerth?
Shivan & Narresh: The trust we have in the team at Aulerth allowed us to think freely and that became the biggest reason for a smooth transition and translation of our designs into beautiful products.

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