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Jewelry storage & care to increase the lifetime of each jewel

When you invest in an Aulerth piece, you can be rest assured of a sublime addition to your wardrobe, as well as quality par excellence. Our team has strived to bring to you jewelry pieces that exude radiance and become a part of your own unique story. But, for them to always be on the top of their game, they need a different kind of attention. 


Taking care of your jewelry is an important aspect to maintain the integrity of the pieces, and it isn’t an overwhelming task. In fact, if you make it a regular routine, you’ll find that your gemstones aren’t becoming cloudy or dull, which can happen due to pollution and daily wear. Of course, cleaning them and knowing how to care for them does require some guidance, as you don’t want to run the risk of damaging delicate pieces by using materials or solutions that are abrasive. To help you understand how to care for your premium jewelry and make them last many lifetimes, we’ve created this simple guide that will take you through each phase of jewelry cleaning and storage. 



Whenever you decide to don your jewels, there are a few things to remain mindful of. Firstly, to keep them shining, avoid letting them come into contact with items such as moisturisers, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. These products contain various chemicals that your jewelry is vulnerable to. To prevent any unwanted contact, wear your jewelry last, once you’re done with the rest of your styling routine. When you’re ready to wind down though, your jewelry should be the first to come off, leading to the next point.



Ideal jewelry care and safety involves keeping necklaces free of tangles, and preventing different gemstones from damaging each other—which means when you’re ready to put your jewelry away, you’ll need a secure storage box, preferably one with lined compartments. The size of this box should be one that can accommodate your jewelry without them having to change their natural shape by twisting and bending. All our pieces come with their respective boxes and pouches, which can be used for storage, too. When secured, keep them in a cool and dry place, as extreme temperatures can also be harmful. 


If you’re travelling with your jewelry, it’s vital to keep them protected throughout the journey, especially if you’re taking more than one piece. You can use the respective original Aulerth boxes they are sent to you in, making sure not to let them get into contact with each other or your clothes. This will keep them tangle free, and prevent them from getting caught in any of your garments. 



You would have noticed a small microfibre cloth that came along with your Aulerth jewelry—this cloth has been especially designed to polish your jewels as delicately as possible, removing dust and residue from the surface of your gems, all of which dull their sheen. You can use the cloth on its own, or use it after a more intensive cleaning process. When you want to clean your jewels at home, we recommend using a mixture of warm water and dish soap—put the harsh chemicals aside. Let the piece soak in the solution for about 15-20 minutes, and use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub it. Using a very light hand, be sure to clean in between the crevices of your jewelry during this time, as those tend to hold on to more residue. When done, rinse it in warm water and pat it dry with the microfibre cloth, or let it air dry. Schedule regular appointments with a professional for more thorough cleanings. 



While we ensure the quality of the jewelry we create, with regular wear, clasps and hinges may get loosened. Pay attention to the fit every time, and bring them to us if you feel there’s something amiss. Our team will assist you in sorting out any issue. 



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